Meeting Minutes: December 2019

Meeting date: 12/14/19 at 11:30, Limestone BBQ and Bourbon 2062 Limestone Rd, Wilmington, DE 19808. 14 attendees present at meeting. Next Club Meeting: 2/15/2020, location TBD

  1. Announcements
    1. We had a great turnout for meeting with 14 attendees. This number included a new member, Parker Essington, who rides an R1200RT. Welcome to the club!
    2. New Bike Owners! Two new bikes Last month, Tom Clemow purchased a 2014 GSA. Welcome to the GS world!! After 150,000 miles of adventures, Warren Brownell has traded in “Old Faithful,” to Hermy’s BMW used bike arsenal. In its place, he purchased a brand new R1250GSA. Congratulations to you both on the new rides!!
    3. Happy Birthday Matt!!!
  2. Discussion
    1. We are planning on transitioning from the GroupSpaces webpage ($199.00 per year) to the MOA hosted webpage (free) as the primary club communication tool. Prior to the transition we also need to update the active club member roster. Currently, under GroupSpaces there are 91 names on the club e-mail list. When a message is sent out, 75% of the messages are never even opened. This indicates that we need to identify those persons who have and active interest in the club and remove those who do not. As part of the process, In January we will send out a message for club membership renewal and dues payment. During this time, we will also ask members to update their email addresses and contact information so that the new webpage will consist of current active members. We also will post a roster of names on the new webpage under a “members only” section.
    2. Passage of completed club bylaws. We will also send out a completed copy of the bylaws for comment and input from members. After this we will put them out for a vote/approval by the membership. I’d ask that every member take a bit time to review and provide some input on the document. After passage of the Bylaws by the membership, we can set up elections for club officers.
    3. In support of the concept of rider safety and skills development, we would like to identify a local training vendor and negotiate a group price for a club-specific rider skills training opportunity this spring. In discussion with members, many expressed an interest in this type of training course. In addition, the MOA Foundation through the Paul B scholarship program will provide a tuition reimbursement of up to $250 for MOA members and $100 for non-MOA members per year. So, if you’re looking for reasons to renew your membership in the MOA, here is one. Bob and Tracy will work on this project.
    4. We would like to revive the MARs rover club trips in 2020. These are overnight group rides to an interesting location and serve as a great opportunity to ride and get to know your fellow club members. Tom and Terry have volunteered to come up with some locations for this event.
    5. Matt suggested that the club take advantage of the current marketing promotion by Hex to trade in our older generation GS 9-11 Diagnostic tool and upgrade to a new WiFi GS 9-11 at a significant discount. His suggestion was approved by the members present. Matt has moved forward with the purchase process.
    6.  MOA Club Charter annual renewal is due 12/31/19. I have taken care of the renewal payment ($15.00).
    7. Tressa made the suggestion that we again produce club logo t-shirts. She knows a person that can produce t-shirts in small quantities so that we would be able to order shirts in as needed quantity/sizes, rather than being required to purchase and pay for a large quantity in advance. Tracy already possesses necessary artwork with the MARs logo that can be used in the production of the shirts. Tracy will also do some research on getting club stickers produced.
    8. Dean made the suggestion that we schedule an occasional club meeting in closer proximity to the members who live further down state in Delaware. Dean will look around and identify some venues that would be good for a future club meeting.
    9. Tracy requested that when you go to local motorcycle shops ask if they would be willing to help sponsor the club by providing a free gift card or other giveaway as a promotional incentive to generate new customers and additional business. We will use these as giveaways a club event e.g.
  3. Upcoming Events
    1. 1/1/20 New Year’s Day- We are planning a repeat of last year’s well-attended “First Ride of the Year,” at the Saw Mill Grill in Oxford, PA. Dom has also offered to lead a group on a scenic post meal ride around the area.
    2. 3/21/20 (rain date 3/28/19) MARs March Maintenance Madness- In addition to performing the usual maintenance tasks and tire changing, we would like to advertise the event more extensively and add an opportunity to use the MOA Virtual rider trainer, 50/50 raffle, door prizes and a club flea market as a chance to sell some of you unused stuff and give it a second life.
    3. May 2020 New Sweden 450 BMW Motorcycle Rally (PA)
      o Memorial Day weekend 2020 Cass Motorcycle Rally Boyer WV
    4. 6/25/20 to 6/28/2020 BMW/MOA National Rally Great Falls Montana ExpoPark, 400 3rd St NW, Great Falls, MT 59404
    5. 9/17/20 to 9/20/20 BMWRA Rally Waynesville, NC

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