Meeting Minutes: November 2019

Meeting Minutes: November 2019

Meeting date: 11/9/19 at 11:30 Mad Macs 801 S. College Ave Newark, DE

10 attendees present at meeting

Next Club Meeting: 12/14/19 location TBD

  1. Announcements
    1. Mike’s Health status
    2. Tom Clemow purchased a 2014 GSA. Welcome to the GS world!!
    3. Warren Brownell has traded in “Old Faithful,” with 150,000 miles of adventures to the greener pastures of Hermy’s BMW used bike arsenal. In its place He purchased a brand new R1250GSA. Congratulation to you both on the new rides!!
  2. Discussion
    1. E-mail cleanup (91 addresses/75% don’t open)
    2. Passage of completed club bylaws (for real). Plan is to send out the document to the membership for comment.
    3. 2020 Club Dues collection (Jan)
    4. Roster of current members
    5. Club officer elections
    6. Group Rider training event (MOA Foundation will pay up to $250 for MOA members)
  3. Upcoming events
    1. New Year’s Day- ride back at the Saw Mill Grill in Oxford, PA (Dom)
    2. March Maintenance day
      1. get the MOA Rider trainer at the event (I will contact Bruce McKelvy)
      2. Maybe a flea market- sell some of that stuff that been sitting in your basement unused and give it a second life.
    3. Group Rider Training event will check out vendors to get a good group rate (Bob and Tracy)
    4. Organize a MARs Rover trip in 2020- Overnight ride somewhere (Tom and Terry)
  4. Treasurer’s report Matt- $2,000 balance in account. Matt suggested that we use club funds to purchase a new version of the GS 9-11 that will work on the new BMW models. Pro model runs $399.00

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