BMW MOA Summer Mileage Contest

BMW MOA Summer Mileage Contest

Hey Riders! Check out the March 2021 BMW Owners News magazine. You’ll see the 2021 Summer/Annual BMW MOA mileage contest start form on page 72. For those who aren’t familiar with the contest, the MOA sponsors both a summer and annual mileage contest for members. There are no prizes, just the pride associated with seeing your name in the magazine next to the miles you have ridden during the summer or year. Simply enter the mileage on your bike(s) as of April 1st and get out and ride as much as you can!

To simplify the process, we have several options:

1) I will be collecting forms at the April 24th MARs meeting.
2) If you can’t make it to the meeting, you can mail them to me at my home or scan and e-mail them to me. I’ll sign them and mail them all out as a package to the MOA.
3) 3rd option, get two signatures of MOA members and mail-in on your own.

To meet the submission postmark deadline (5/1/21), I’ll be mailing the forms to the MOA by April 26th.

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18 Orchid Court
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