Ride Vision Pro2: A groundbreaking advancement in motorcycle safety

Ride Vision Pro2: A groundbreaking advancement in motorcycle safety

Ride Vision’s recently introduced Pro2 system sets the standard for blind spot and distance/collision alerts for motorcycles.

The Ride Vision Pro2 system features state-of-the-art AI and machine learning algorithms to offer riders real-time alerts during their rides. According to Tommy Weiss, “RV Pro 2 is more than a safety feature, it’s a life-saving companion for every motorcyclist. In a world where riders face the open road with their bodies exposed, our product instills confidence through scientific surrounding image sensors. It’s not just a technological marvel, it’s a critical tool that grants riders the precious seconds needed to avert potential dangers and collisions.”

Equipped with the industry-leading Collision Aversion Technology, a fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, Ride Vision Pro 2 seamlessly integrates with all motorcycle and scooter makes and models. The system offers easy self-installation and utilizes cutting-edge AI and machine learning algorithms to alert the rider in their peripheral vision through dedicated indicators mounted on the motorcycle.

Users of RideVision Pro2 can also record up to three hours of high-definition video footage, ensuring every moment of their journey is captured in stunning detail. The intuitive interface allows for easy retrieval, editing, and sharing of recorded content, empowering riders to create and distribute captivating videos with ease.

RideVision Pro2 is more than just a video recording tool—it’s a safety companion. Designed to keep riders safe on the road, the app enables users to document unique riding moments and unfortunate accidents, providing valuable evidence when needed.

For complete information and to purchase RideVision Pro2, visit ridershield360.com or our YouTube channel.