Mid Atlantic Riders

All About the Mid Atlantic BMW Riders

Who are the MidAtlantic Riders??? We are a unique group of individuals who hail from the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey, who get together to share a mutual interest in riding motorcycles, eating, traveling, and having fun. We’d love to have you join us!

So, whether you are a new rider who’s just picked up the riding bug, an experienced, yet busy rider who’s is looking for a reason to squeeze in some riding opportunities, or a retiree who’s realizing a long-awaited return to freedom, we’d love to meet you.

We have a monthly club meeting that is usually held on the second Saturday of each month. In recognition of the multistate draw of our members, the meetings are held at a variety at locations within the Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey region. Sometimes we combine our meetings with a group ride. So, if you know of a place with good food, that would be great for a club meeting, please let us know!

Our signature club event is what we call, “March Maintenance Madness.” We open it to the public and view the event as an opportunity to meet new riders, renew relationships with current club members after the long winter, get our bikes running for the upcoming season and discuss riding plans for the new year. The event features food, bike talkin’, oil and tire changing, minor repairs, mechanical problem-solving wisdom, a 50/50 raffle, door prizes, and a flea market where members can sell their unused gear and bike parts. It’s also a great time to join the club!

In addition to the maintenance day event, our members participate in the BMW/MOA National Rally, the GS Giants rally, BMW/RA rally, and other local club rallies and events.